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"In Vichy become an actor of your health."
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Legal Notices "I want others to respect my freedom too much for me not to respect the freedom of others." Françoise Sagan

The Internet site is produced by the Compagnie de Vichy, Limited Company with capital funds of € 5,680,000, registered in the R.C.S. of Cusset as number B 542 105 291, with headquarters located at 1-3 Avenue Eisenhower. Post Box 2138. F 03201 Vichy Cedex. Intra-EU number: FR 14 542 105 291.

For any request for information and any information with respect to the mode of utilization of the Internet site, you may make email contact with the webmaster,

The Internet site is hosted by the OVH, SAS company, headquartered at 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix – France.

The Internet site is listed with the CNIL under number 1213984. It conforms with all European and French regulations in effect.

This site has been the subject of a declaration of automated processing of nominative information whose primary aim is "INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTATION INFORMATION – RESERVATION" devised as part of the Internet site, with the National Commission for Freedom and Computing (CNIL) in application of articles 15 and 16 of law 78-17 dated January 6, 1978, in reference to computing, data files and freedom.

The Compagnie de Vichy places the utmost importance on the protection of the data you supply, and complies with legislation in effect with respect to the protection of your privacy.

The Compagnie de Vichy collects the data that you provide in order to strengthen and personalize communication, particularly in informative letters and emails:

  • upon establishing a price estimate or placing an order,
  • with participation in contests or when engaging in any other type of communication,
  • when you complete a form (requests: for contact, documentation or when you provide your opinion),
  • when you sign up for one or more of our newsletters.

The Compagnie de Vichy maintains your personal data collected on our Internet site.

The Compagnie de Vichy simply suggests that you sign up for the newsletters of our main partners by placing a check mark in the boxes.

The Compagnie de Vichy may also automatically collect information through the use of cookies which can track your browsing on the website. Of course, you have the possibility of deactivating or preventing the placement of these cookies by configuring your browser as follows:

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1.choose the menu "Tools" and then "Internet Options"
2. Click on the tab "Privacy"
3. Using your cursor, select the desired level.

For Mozilla Firefox :
1. Choose the menu "Tools" and then "Options"
2. Click on the icon "Privacy"
3. Find the "Cookies" menu and select the options you wish.

For Opera 6.0 and above:
1. Choose the "File" menu and> "Preferences"
2. Privacy

Your right to make corrections

You may access, modify, correct and delete data that the Compagnie de Vichy may possess about you or your company.

 In compliance with the "Freedom and Computing" law, dated January 6, 1978, modified in 2004, you are entitled to access and correct information about you. You may exercise that right by contacting Florence Rochelois, Internet webmaster of the Compagnie de Vichy : or by writing to:
Internet Service
Attention: M. Ismael GERGEF
1-3 Avenue Eisenhower
Post Box 2138 . F 03201 Vichy Cedex

Editorial and visual content

The Compagnie de Vichy, sponsor of the website, is committed to ensuring that the information available on the site is correct and up to date, and the company reserves the right to correct content without notice at any time. The Company can not however guarantee exhaustive modification or absence of modification by a third party (such as site intrusion and viruses).

The entire site results from international legislation on copyright, brand identity protection, and general intellectual property rights, with respect both to its form (choices, plans, layout of material, means of access to data, organization of data, etc.) as well as to each of the elements of its content (texts, images, etc.).

The content (including texts, photos, images, etc.) contained within the pages of this site are the exclusive property of the Compagnie de Vichy. What's more, you agree not to use these contents or permit others to use them for illegal purposes.

Exception: some content (texts, images) is the property of its respective author.

No reproduction, representation, diffusion or rediffusion, in full or in part, of the content of this site onto any platform or by any process whatsoever as well as any sale, resale, retransmission or provision to third parties of any material whatsoever is permitted. Non-compliance of this provision constitutes a copyright violation that may lead to civil or criminal damages.

Hypertext links leading to other sites can not engage the liability of the Compagnie de Vichy, particularly with respect to the content of these sites.

The Compagnie de Vichy is not responsible for the hypertext links linking to the present site, and it does not permit any individual to place such a link without its express and prior authorization.

Registration number in the registry of tour and hospitality operators

  • Number of Vichy Célestins Hotel 5 stars in France: IM003110002

Copyright on images, mandatory notices

Photos du soin musical en eau thermale : Frédérique Lièvre, Chapolin Rachel, Roberts Klimovics, René Jacques, Jérôme Mondière, André Perlstein, iStockphoto, Photothèque ville de Vichy : Laurence Plancke, L'Oréal / L'Institut / Laboratoires Vichy, Corbis, StockByte/Graphique Obsession (Photodisc / David de Lossy / GoodShoot), Iconotec, Pierre Soisson, E. Cuvillier,  Compagnie de Vichy, J. Lebar, Frédéric Delmas (Photo portrait de Danielle Lagrange), Christophe Darbelet, banque d'images libre de droit "Bestcom", Fabrice Vallon, Jérôme Mondière /CDT 03 (suite autorisation), Rémy Lacroix / CDT 03 (suite autorisation du CDT Allier), Christophe Camus /CDT 03 (suite autorisation), Office de tourisme/Christophe Camus (rubrique partenaires - suite autorisation M. Franck Chavaillon). Photographie illustrant le soin à la carte "Bodysculptor" : BodySculptor / Cosmosoft (suite autorisation), Centre National du costume de scène (CNCS)/Marc Teissonnier - Ville de Moulins (façade du Quartier Villars) et Pascal François (réserve et exposition CNCS) suite autorisation du CNCS. Photographie illustrant la page partenaire "Golf International de la Forêt de Montpensier" : accord donné par le golf, Philippe Bussier / CDT 03 (suite autorisation du CDT Allier), Musée des Arts d’Afrique et d’Asie, Mourad Louguar pour le Golf Sporting Club Vichy (Portrait de Manuel de Los Santos) / Portraits-photos Grand Débat 2015 pour la ville de Vichy : Muriel Barbery®Catherine He¦ülie_Gallimard ; Benlala®Emmanuelle-Marchadour ; Jean D'Ormesson®Catherine He¦ülie ; Pierre-Jean Luizard®DR ; Rey Paoli®Benjamin-Decoin ; Roger-Pol Droit®Bruno-Levy.